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Taylor Fay

Taylor Fay walks with her dog wearing number 8 on her chest

Taylor is an experienced dog enthusiast with a career spanning since 2017. She initially worked with pet dogs, addressing various behavior issues at a facility in New York City. In 2018, she was introduced to the world of working dogs and started assisting another trainer at a kennel in Connecticut. It was during this time that she developed a strong affection for dog sports, particularly with the Malinois breed.

In 2019, Taylor acquired her first Malinois, Caia, from Ivan Balabanov, solidifying her commitment to the sport. Her dedication to dog sports led her to a job opportunity at Dog Training of Tampa Bay Inc., where she works with protection dogs and assists with their breeding program. She also helps train many of the dogs that come to the facility for training.

Taylor Fay holds a malinois puppy in a red phone booth

Taylor actively competes in the dog sport IGP, and in 2022, she achieved a significant milestone by placing in the top 10 at the National Championship, which was her first major event. Together with Caia, she attained an IGP 3 title, securing 8th place among more than 40 competing teams. Taylor is currently training another Malinois named Heda for future IGP competitions.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Taylor deeply values the bond with her dogs, including Caia, Heda, and Mila.

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