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Grace kneels on the ground holding roses in front of two trophies with an obedient Coco sitting patientlyGrace's journey in the world of dogs began in 2014. Her early experience in the doggie daycare and boarding industries fueled her love for these furry companions, inspiring her to delve deeper into dog training to better understand and communicate with them.

As Grace honed her skills, she discovered that traditional training methods were not enough. In 2018, her path led her to Ivan and his revolutionary Training Without Conflict (TWC) approach, which opened up new perspectives on training dogs without unnecessary stress or conflict. This encounter ignited a strong passion within her and prompted a life-changing decision.

Dog Trainer Grace holding small dog

In May 2020, Grace relocated from Michigan to Florida, eager to join the team at Dog Training of Tampa Bay, where she could work alongside Ivan and Natalia and immerse herself in the TWC training methodology. Her dedication and hard work paid off, as she obtained her certification from Ivan's school as part of the first graduating class of trainers.

Grace's current focus lies in training her Belgian Malinois, Cocaine, in the sport of IGP. Together, they have achieved their IGP 1 and IGP 2 titles, a testament to their mutual trust and cooperation. Beyond Cocaine, Grace shares her life with a German Shepherd named Ajax, a Chihuahua named Ori, and a cherished feline friend named Cheswick.

Grace gives a kiss to the cheek of a very obedient, beautiful tan colored dog

When not training, Grace and her furry companions love to explore the outdoors. Whether it's a joyful outing at the local dog beach or a refreshing hike along scenic trails, they find contentment in each other's company.

Grace's journey as a dog trainer is defined by her commitment to understanding, kindness, and effective communication with dogs. Through the TWC approach and her unwavering love for animals, she continues to make a positive impact on the lives of her four-legged friends and their human companions.

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