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A Dog Training Tampa Bay trainer sits holding a very excited chihuahuaIntroducing our most popular program: "Accelerated Board & Train." This highly favored option offers a comprehensive training experience for your beloved canine companion, lasting an average of 4 weeks.

Dogs need time to learn and adopt new habits, our program is designed to have lasting results that crash courses cannot.

Through the Accelerated Board and Train program, we can effectively address unwanted behaviors and instill new, long-lasting habits in your dog.

Our "Accelerated Board & Train" program is not only ideal for dogs with existing undesired behaviors but also serves as an excellent foundation for young pups above 4 months old. By starting their training early, we can instill positive habits and prevent the development of undesirable behaviors as they mature.

Natalia stands holding a large, fluffy dogFurthermore, there is no age limit for our program, making it equally beneficial for dogs of all ages. Whether you have a young and energetic pup or a more mature canine companion, our expert trainers will tailor the training to suit their individual needs and abilities.

At our dog training business, we believe that investing in early training and ongoing education can make a significant difference in your dog's behavior and overall well-being. Join us in creating a strong foundation and fostering a harmonious relationship with your furry friend through our "Accelerated Board & Train" program.

During the 4-week training period, our expert trainers will work closely with your dog, teaching them essential commands such as walking politely on a leash, "Sit," "Down," "Come," and "Wait." Moreover, we'll address any undesired or dangerous behaviors encountered in their everyday life.

At the end of the program, we ensure a seamless transition by working with you to transfer all the learned skills and knowledge so that you can maintain your dog's progress effectively.

While your furry family members stay with us, we encourage you to visit and even observe the training sessions if you're interested. We'll also provide you with regular updates, including videos and pictures, to keep you informed about your dog's progress.

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At Dog Training of Tampa Bay Inc., we utilize a range of training methods, including positive and negative reinforcement, differential reinforcement, and a variety of dog training equipment. Rest assured that we will never undertake any training approach without your full approval. For instance, if we believe an electric collar might be beneficial, we will have a detailed conversation with you beforehand to ensure your comfort and consent.

Additionally, during their stay, your dog will enjoy daily play sessions tailored to their age and personality. We may also include supervised play groups with other dogs if we observe a positive response to such socialization activities.

We are committed to providing the best training experience for your dog, and our "Accelerated Board & Train" program has proven to be highly effective and cherished by our clients.

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