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Ranked #1 in the World - Twice! and with a style of teaching that has made us the most popular coach of dog trainers and dog owners. Ivan Balabanov is a true expert, popularizing modern dog training around the globe and the driving force at Dog Training of Tampa Bay, Inc.

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At Dog Training of Tampa Bay, our team of top-quality professional dog trainers always remembers that dogs are our fellow creatures! One distinguishing difference between us and any local dog trainer near you is our ability to motivate, rather than rely only on the intelligence of the dog alone. Over 90% of all behavior problems are related to the ability to effectively communicate with your dog. Learning is not simply responding to reinforcement and punishments. Learning is a great deal more complex than simply action and consequence. After 30 years of intensive studying, testing, and validation in developing the most successful training program for pet dogs, Ivan Balabanov has made Dog Training of Tampa Bay Inc. the best dog school around.

Whether you have a new puppy, or a new dog or would like your dog to learn new things, from tricks to habits, our training programs will make dogs and their owners happier and better adapted to real-life situations. We believe that teaching and training your dog through clear communication will help prevent future problems and is the best way to have a strong relationship with your dog. Learning new things will help to expand not only your dog’s horizons but also your own, enhancing the quality of life of your dog and with your dog.

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When we work with a dog with a behavioral issue, we never look at the "bad behavior" and immediately decide, "How are we going to stop that behavior?" We look at the dog –the genetics, the dog's history – and determine the reason why this behavior exists in the first place.

We Ask:

  • What Is Inside the dog that Is driving them to do what they are doing?
  • What Is NATURALLY reinforcing the behavior?

Then we devise a plan on how to control and guide the dog, working WITH its genetics, NOT AGAINST them. We find AN ELEGANT SOLUTION. This elegant solution will allow the dog to accept our plan without issue because it feels natural to them. And the best part is, because it's something the dog feels genetically drawn to, the solution is perpetually reinforcing.

This is how we create lasting results!

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Our Services

  • Do you want to send your dog to Harvard of dog training schools?
  • Would you like to do the training of your dog yourself?
  • Do you want an elegant solution to communicating with your dog?
  • Do you want flexibility in training plans?
  • Are you looking for expertise to succeed in your dog sport competitions?

Then be sure to check out all of our services to see which is best for you and your dog. We are fluent in all techniques and approaches of dog training, making our lessons flexible so your dog enjoys the learning while we are accomplishing results!

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